Friday, May 31, 2013

Is the SVP post a big deal?

Sure,the SVP post is a very big deal. So far in SIA, all SVPs were and are men. No female ever get closer to that post except for one, a Mrs Lily Chan who was appointed as a DVP or Divisional Vice President of cabin crew. The DVP position is one notch below the SVP.

SVP position is a rung below that of the EVP or Executive Vice President which in turn is a deputy CEO position. Therefore as you can see the SVP is a big shot in any company.

The cabin crew SVP is in charge of around 7,600 cabin crew and office staff. Assisting him in the day to day running of the division is a DVP, VP, Senior Managers,Managers and Assistant Managers.

As far as I know, the SVP commands a monthly salary of about S$30,000 upwards. The senior ones are paid as much as $60,000 a month. Perks include a car and monthly allowance for a chauffeur. However, if the SVP chooses not to have a chauffeur, he may pocket the monthly chauffeur allowance. From time to time, he may be given stock options as well as huge bonuses if the company is doing well. He and his dependants travel first class on all SQ flights. There are also other perks which are never disclosed to anyone except the individual SVP himself.

So you see most management staff aspire to be at least a SVP during their career with SIA. Better still if he can be a CEO.

The job description of a SVP is:


Responsible for helping a company to achieve financial goals and objectives and increase operating performance. Prepares budgets, creates businesses plans, and solves internal issues as they arise.


Communicate company strategy to board of directors.
Attend board meetings.
Oversee revenue generation.
Preside over operations.
Identify ways to maximise revenue.
Work with audit committee to prepare budgets.
Analyse financial reports.
Ensure company policies and procedures are followed by each department.
Attract, retain and motivate staff.
Report and share information with the board to ensure they are kept fully informed on the condition of the organisation and important factors influencing it.
Identify and lead new business opportunities.
Ensure highly productive relationships and partnerships for the benefit of the organisation.
Sets goal, monitor work, and evaluate results to ensure that departmental and organisational objectives and operating requirements are met and are in line with the needs and mission of the organisation.
Participate in and nurture broad networks of alliances with others to exchanges knowledge and information about learning and change in support of change initiatives.

During my tenure with SIA, I could not climb the corporate ladder as I did not have a university degree as well as lacking the skill to please my superiors.

Please bear in mind that the above may not be necessarily 100% accurate as I have no access to all the private info like SVP salary and perks. However after 35 years in the company I do know what I am talking about.

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Anonymous said...

wah lao take so much money for what? cant even do a good job.

much as well increase cabin crew pay!