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Friday, May 10, 2013

SIA cabin crew/flight attendants' basic salary

Above is the latest (newly concluded with the union) basic salary of SIA cabin crew. The starting basic salary is either S$1,340 or $1,490 (with university degree) and the maximum/highest for the most senior cabin crew (IFS or Inflight Supervisor) is $4,135.
The above does not include allowances like LMA (location meal allowance), IFA (incentive flying allowance), Laundry Allowance, Transport Allowance etc.
The major part of the take-home pay of the crew besides the basic salary is the LMA and IFA which can averaged out to be $3,000 per month.
The salary is negotiated with the union every 4 years.

For IFA payment read this blog


Anonymous said...

im curious to know now that theres an allowance cut, how much lower are the crew getting as compared to last time?

and are new crew still able to earn at least 3.5k now?

Boh Tong said...

The crew are not getting lesser but they are working harder to get the same amount of $$. It means they are flying more and getting minimum "days off" in S'pore.

Anonymous said...

i see, does that mean shorter stay overseas as well? if yes, how much shorter?

Boh Tong said...

About 12 to 24hrs shorter

Anonymous said...

BT are u sure they are not earning lesser? I hv a steward friend who told me he and his colleagues are earning abt 15 to 20% lesser than before.