Friday, May 17, 2013

SIA full year profits up 12.8% ....big relief for shareholders?

Full year ending March 2013 SIA profits is up 12.8% to S$379 million. Cargo did poorly with a loss of $167m ( $119m for 2011-2012).
Dividends declared is 0.17 cents per share.

The result is a relief for the shareholders or is it? Cos later in the day, the shares traded and closed down 52 cents at $10.93 (yesterday was $11.45).

Nevertheless I am still optimistic about SIA. It is still the best airline in the world.
Over the last few years, SIA has been operating in a tough and difficult environment but it has done well,better than most major airline.

Cheer up SIA and may you regain your position as the world's most profitable airlines.

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