Monday, May 6, 2013

Sleeping with seniors for promotion?

Is it true that once girls are hired to work as SIA cabin crew, they have to go to an extend of sleeping with the captains and others in order not to be bullied, secure a job there and get promoted?

BT: Someone email me this question. What do you think?

Will cabin crew suffer as SIA cut cost to remain afloat? here


Anonymous said...

captains can help crew get promotion meh?

hostess said...

I think we can always reverse the question.
Do we need to be SIA crew to feel necessary with sleeping with seniors in order to get promoted or avoid kena bully?

Anonymous said...

Is it something NEW ? It has happened in CNB & SCDF !

Stories From The Air said...

Nothing new. It's mankind's oldest and most lasting occupation.

AAA+ Slut said...

People ( male or female, young or old, fat or thin, tall or short)
have different values.

Some value trust
Some value money
Some value recognition
Some value life
Some value ego
Some value association
Some value social status

Giving sex to get promoted is fine if the promise materialise.
It may be worth it for the person who values the promotion above their own physical bodies.

You want to be asoociated with captains or chief purser?

Might as well go all the way and seduce the CEO.. more rewards dont you think??

Anonymous said...

lol if you get promoted because of sex, chances are you will be seen as a sex toy and nobody (male & female) will take you seriously + rumours + pressure = off you go in no time.

Anonymous said...

So BT what is your take?

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Know your work well and carry yourself with dignity so you don't need to sleep with anyone you don't like

Anonymous said...

I once had a secretary who was a stewardess before, when I asked why she left SIA, she said that all stewardess are bicycles because everyone can ride on them. She said she was so sick on being ridden on every flight so she quit.

True or not, only the girls would know.

Anonymous said...

Not fair to say even 80% are bicycles. Your ex secretary was a true blue bicycle. Don't come and tell us she din enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

i have a no. of stewardess friends but they all seem quite decent. or maybe they fake it?

Anonymous said...

a friend once told me within cabin crew itself, there are alot of gay stewards so can roughly gauge how many different stewardesses a straight steward hv slept with!

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm ex-stewardess lo.

Must know to protect yourselves lah.

Please lah.
How can cabin crew compare to CNB & SCDF?
They are earning 6 digits and above per month lo.
N bonus gao gao one lo.

Shld use SIA management to compare CNB & SCDF lo.

Sad to say that the seniors in cabin crew don't have power to help you in your promotions.

If they got power y seniors cabin crew can't travel on first class/business class with their entitlements like the management ppl?

Don't be naïve lah.