Saturday, May 4, 2013

Terrance the ex flight steward??

He was seated in the first class and I was on that flight as a crew. I recognised him as Terrance,one of our ex stewards who left 10 years earlier. He must be doing very well to travel first class,I thought to myself.
Terrance was a strong and swift winger in our cabin crew football team. The football manager then was Tomato Face steward. We all got along fine and our team was the strongest in the whole airline.

I went up and stood next to the seat Terrance was in. Without looking at him,from the side I teasingly said "Wah now big shot travelling first class huh". Then came the reply but the voice wasn't Terrance's. It was someone else. Omg it was not Terrance, it was a mistake. I apologised profusely and that first class passenger said "Ya you are not the first to mistaken me for my brother Terrance". He stretched out his hand and told me he was Terrance's older brother Darryl. I shook his hand and we started to laugh aloud.

After the meal service, Darryl went down to the rear of the first class cabin of the B747,beckoned me to sit next to him on empty row of seats. We sat down and chatted and then he told me of this story:

Darryl's boss was fond of SQ cabin crew. Whenever he flew with SQ, he would invite them for a meal with him. He would give money to the crew for he appreciated them a lot. He knew what it was like to be poor or rather how difficult it was for the crew to make a living. Whenever he flew on SQ flight to LAX, he would invite the whole set of crew to fly with him to LAS.
However, one day he heard the set of crew that flew with him to LAS was warned by the cabin crew management not to accept freebies from him. He was told that one of the crew who did not accept his invitation to LAS complained to management about the money and free flight he gave the crew.
Naturally, Darryl's boss was very upset and from that time on, he never gave money nor invited SQ crew to accompany him to LAS again. In fact, he stopped flying with SQ totally.

After that flight I have not met nor talk to Darryl again. The meeting on that flight happened about 20 years ago. Then came the shock a few days ago.....scroll below

I saw Darryl's photo in the ST obituary page. He passed away at the age of 59. My condolence to Terrance and family. May Darryl's soul RIP.

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Edmond said...

Yeah, I too almost mistook Darryl for Terrance on a flight. I remember him to be cheerful and friendly. Sad to hear that he has gone.

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

The Lord giveth the Lord taketh but blessed be the name of the Lord

Anonymous said...

But I tot Darryl's boss (Ah Seng)used to be SQ Top Cyclists ?

Boh Tong aka Luke Tan said...

Darryl's boss was a Japanese lah.

Charmain said...
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