Thursday, June 13, 2013

$30 SIA share? Temasek please sell SIA

If Temasek were hypothetically to decide that it would sell out of Singapore Airlines for three times the current share price, the ensuing debate would be about whether it shouldn’t have settled for anything less than four times the current price.

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Anonymous said...

Boom town Charlie BT!

Anonymous said...

Luke ah! Ask you har, who was the idiot responsible for

1. Renaming Raffles Class to Business Class (lost uniqueness)
2. Changing the once elegant livery to the clumsy looking one today (larger Singapore Airlines fonts on main fuselage and a white strip at the tail section instead of being completely painted blue on the slopes of the tail section)
3. Removing the old tradition of giving aircraft types a nickname (Celestar, Jubilee, Super B, LeaderShip, and who can ever forget BIGTOP and MEGATOP)

This CEO/Management have ego problem? Change things for the sake of changing?

Boh Tong said...

I dunno leh but my guess is product & development people was responsible for the change + top management. One thing for sure it wasn't cabin crew people.