Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two comments worthy of attention


One of the causes of SQ cabin crew slipping to the fifth position in world ranking may be attributed to the people in the office and training department. These people are out of touch with reality. They do not understand the aspirations and expectation of the young crew. Most come from middle and upper middle class families. If management is punitive in its approach (it used to work with the older generation of crew)these young crew would simply quit. They are not in dire need of the job. They are here for the fun of flying. Worst still if they prefer to stay for a while longer because they can do a lot of damage to the good name of cabin crew.
Management must change its tactics in dealing with the crew. People in the office like "Frog-eyed-C","Botak", "Lesbian", "Bapok", "Grumbler" and many others must be given the boot. Cabin crew division must get new and capable people to run the show or SIA will slip further downwards in the years to come. How pathetic!


we must understand why instead of just blaming them.... the current generation of youngsters, most come from at least middle income and above, their parents are rather educated and mostly are all working adults. thats why they dun go thru hardship and wont really understand what service is all about. most have low EQ and are not empathetic, most just come in to enjoy the perks such as free travel and pay. if wanna push blame, its the CCEs and management who choose them in the first place. of cos for current generations, not all come from ok or well to do families. those from not so gd backgrounds, they work hard, have 'strong personality' and wouldnt wanna be cabin crew. they might be the 'future' paying paxs and definitely they will demand good service. maybe some are already good cabin crew, but very few of them around. for previous generations, i think more than half come from humble backgrounds (parents are uneducated and dun earn much), thats why they are humble and work hard. 

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Anonymous said...

we can talk so much, but is SQ even listening? they just want to do things their own way.

Anonymous said...

You can already see from our share price that drop and cannot recover.
Why? The frontliners are not happy, nowadays , even the complex leaders tell us just do your fair share, well how to soar as one? This is a joke when our own cabin crew office people cannot work hand in hand with us, cannot understand us, not compassionate with your own colleagues how to be compassionate to passengers onboard?
They have really loss touch with us , all they care is how to look good infront of their boss.

5 years flying junior