Saturday, June 15, 2013

A government flat is not worth that much.

A friend of mine said his 4-roomed HDB flat is worth this much. I think he was pulling my leg or he was lying.

Also don't pay for these at Old Airport Road.


Jacky said...

Why not? Many Tampines flats for 4 or 5 rooms flats are worth $400k to $500k. My father paid for $80k only.
Many real estate agents like to come to our flats to ask if my father want to sell. Very irritating. We live in this flat for about 26 years and there are many memories in this home.

Anonymous said...

You said he was offered $700K for his flat. The potential buyer thought it was worth that much and was willing to pay that much for it. Haven't you heard of the flat in Queenstown being sold for more than a million? Don't be jealous.

Boh Tong said...

dun anyhow say la cos i am not jealous.Why should i be jealous.Its good for his family what.

Jacky said...

Many foreigners who are rich are willing to pay bcos of the location and maybe good feng shui.