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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alamak so fast another cc interview ah?

Cabin crew (SIA) interview in S'pore

Interviews will be conducted on 13 July 2013 (Saturday) at:
Concorde Hotel
100 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238840

Dun believe me see SIA website lah


deadheadfan said...

Whoa, I hope there will be opening for foreigners as well. Is there a quota for Singaporean citizen vs non-citizen?

Boh Tong said...

No quota

Anonymous said...

heard SIA is desperate now, taking in any tom, dick and harry. :X

Anonymous said...

Why no openings for Singapore pr.. :( Means I have to wait for the interview in my birth country?

Anonymous said...

I've been to the interview for around 7 times. Got to the 1-1 interview back in april but got booted out straight away in the first round on june. Seriously, I have zero idea what SIA is looking for.

ps. I'm a guy.

Anonymous said...

Answer is simple,you don't have what it takes to be a SQ guy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the motivation. It's hard to take it but you've just given me a reason to try even harder. If you're going for the next interview too, I wish you all the best.

Flight Stewardess said...

You should ask Luke for assistance. He has helped hundreds of people get into the airlines. His site is

sense said...

it's not so much about your abilities. it depends alot on the interviewers mood and their personalities. Interviewer A might like you but interviewer B might not like you. Interviewer C might like a more humble and sincere person but Interviewer D might like a more talkative person.

They should just scrape the round 1 group of 10 introduction and replace it with something more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT to gauge the candidates. also, get interviewers much more experienced to take the interview. what do those young interviewers know? (some are even about the same ages as the candidates). Young male interviewers might just pick girls they like and are their types. Young female interviewers might not take the girls she doesnt like. Are they really being professional in that small room at that time? no one knows except themselves.

Anonymous said...

Not about your abilities and potentials?? If you are ugly and look like the hunchback of notre dame you think you will be employed? Or if you are aloof and arrogant will they recruit you? To a small degree I agree with you that it will depend on the mood and prejudices of the interviewers but only to a tiny degree.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think it's really 50/50. I've been to several interviews and seen my fair share of those who managed to speak very well with good body posture but did not get selected while there were some who stutters a lot, speak so softly that I can't even hear from 8 chairs away and fidget a lot made it pass stage 1.

You can go for luke's lesson or read all the ebooks but if the interviewers for some reasons just don't like the vibe they get from you, it's still sayonara at stage 1.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous after sense:

trust me, no one is ugly at the interview. out of every 10, about 8 to 9 looks ok and groom themselves well (male & female). its really the decisions of the interviewers then. if not, how do you explain some candidates who can make it thru till 2nd day the first time they try, then can't even pass round 1 the second time they try, then pass round 1 again the third time they try and then didnt pass round 1 again the fourth time they try and so on....? the candidate is the same throughout but the interviewers are different.

im sure there are guidelines but different interviewers also interpret guidelines differently and when they judge based on their own preferences and their own differing "experiences with people", then its not fair and not efficient any more. thats why, they should get very qualified experienced interviewers or should just change round 1 of the interview. at least the 1-to-1 interview and management round are able to access and seize out the right candidates.

Anonymous said...

Good to fly for 2years see the world and quit.
I believe SIA will keep on reducing allowances..
Like that how to fight inflation?
Who knows one day, crew have to share rooms. I won't be surprised. Hee.
Another way to cut costs to benefit the shareholders ;)