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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Female and male flight attendants flying together.

Which airlines allow their stewards and stewardesses to flying together as "couple crew"? Only SIA allows it!
Years ago, SIA allowed its male and female flight attendants to fly as a "couple crew" if they requested to. All a steward and a stewardess who wanted to fly together on the flights had to do was to write a letter and submit to the company. It would be approved easily. Mind you, they did not have to be married. The reason  "We are boyfriend and girlfriend and going to get engaged soon" was good enough to get an approval.
However, due to their fickle mindedness, many kept changing partners so often that it created a logistic nightmare for the office staff. It resulted in SIA rescinding the privilege.

Then came an alternative. Couples who were not married yet but had applied for a HDB flat were given the okay to fly together. Again, the system was abused and it was withdrawn by SIA.

Now only married couples are allowed to fly together as "couple crew". Unlike previous times, "couple crew" are allocated only one hotel room during their nightstops at overseas stations.

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic employer for allowing people to "pak tor" while working! Hey it is better than working for Google.