Saturday, June 29, 2013

He did nothing wrong,only shine the torch mah!

Was the action of the supervisor that serious? I mean shining his torch on the female crew. Well unless the torch was a human torch. But here we are talking about the real torchlight.
There were times when the hospitals use the light from the torch to operate human beings. Yup I am talking about places like the jungle in Africa or some wilderness and even in India when electricity was a scare commodity.
There was a case in UK when the hospital workers switched the electrical power and left the surgeons using the light from the torches to operate on their patients.
It will be a mistake to fire the supervisor over such a petty thing.

There was a time, a chief steward was reprimanded for illegally entering a stewardess's hotel room and stripped himself naked in the presence of the sleeping stewardess. That case was serious enough to warrant a sack. The CS was later on promoted to supervisor (some years later).

We sincerely hope the company will be gracious enough to pardon the supervisor in the coming Discipline Inquiry. In fact, he should be charged with being "mischievous" but not molest nor outraging the girls' modesty. In the most severe situation he should be given a warning and nothing more than that.

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Anonymous said...

He alredi kena sacked liao