Tuesday, June 4, 2013

" I am not able to love any other girl"

John's (not his real name) comment is reproduced below. My opinion is that many stewardesses are not like his girlfriend. It does not have to be a stewardess to flirt behind her boyfriend's back. Any women from any profession could do that. It all depends on the individual woman. Of course, stewardesses are more exposed to more temptation because of the nature of their job. What do you think?

"...i loved a girl who was the same age . our love was mutual until she became a stewardess . i was a student and she was working still the relationship went smoothly for 3 years until she found someone better . i loved her with all my heart and begged to her to reconsider but she left me without any second thoughts. she left me for a dumb DJ who used her and threw her away . after 4 months she comes back to me and promises me that she will change and that she wants to become my life partner . i eventually took her back cause i truly loved her . after that exactly after 1 year she was two timing with me , i got to know from her own brother . when i caught her red handed she boldly said that i wasnt understanding and was immature . damn this whore i was with her for 7 years through all her turbulent days and this is what she gives me. after such a close bonding she changed overnight and her excessive partying changed her character within minutes. this is my true story , i am 22 and dont want to reveal my identity cause of the foolish decision i made . i dont mean any offence to stewardesses but my only advice to such women is to stay away from honest and sincere guys. i hate that woman and cause of her , i am not able to love any other girl. hope you guys think with your brains than your heart and get wiser. good luck ".

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