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Monday, June 17, 2013

More flight attendants quitting after July..why?

SIA staff and crew will be paid a bonus of slightly more than a month salary on 7 July. It's predicted that after the payment of the bonus,many cabin crew will resigned. The norm is 100 to 140 crew resigned every month but after July more than that number will scoot off.
SIA management has made a huge mistake of not recruiting more crew these last few months. SIA is focusing on getting mainly Singaporeans for the job. Unlike  few months, foreigners,Malaysians and even S'pore PRs are not allowed to attend the S'pore walk-ins. The queue for the last 2 Singapore interviews were relatively shorter.
Let's see how long would SIA procrastinate in conducting more interviews overseas and allowing others besides Singaporeans to attend the walk-ins here.
Only time will tell.

BT:  latest news.....A steward was sacked because of this.


Anonymous said...

this industry is really unpredictable and seasonal.

Anonymous said...

Yes unpredictable is the word!

Anonymous said...

Yes and in the meantime, Etihad has introduced flights to Sao Paolo, as well as:

Abu Dhabi-Muscat will increase from 20 to 23 weekly flights

Abu Dhabi- Cairo will increase from the current 18 weekly services to three times a day

Abu Dhabi-Amman adding four overnight flights per week to its existing double-daily operations

Abu Dhabi-Islamabad increase from seven flights to nine per week

Abu Dhabi-Minsk service from three flights per week to a daily schedule from June 15, 2013.

Although completely different region, the rate of expansion of other airline just shows how the current SIA cannot tide the waves. Don't blame the poor demand/ economic conditions. Blame the poor management with poor 20/20 vision.

Anonymous said...

the steward u mentioned....from SQ or other airlines?

Anonymous said...

bt, hope u post this up...

Anonymous said...
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