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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My working rapport with the pilots were good and cordial.

Many people have asked me what's my rapport or working relationship with the pilots like during my flying days. I think I have blogged about this topic sometime ago in this blog. However, it's fine for me to talk about it again.

Most of the senior local pilots and a few expats were okay with me. We did not have any issue relating to work or relationship. Mutual respect were given to each other. In fact, most of the pilots joined the airline around the same with me. Of course most if not all have retired.

In this post, I would like to mention the names of pilots whom I got along well with,professionally speaking.

The first one that came to my mind was Captain MS Leong. He was one of the nicest and most professional Captains I had worked with. Capt Leong was 26 years older than me (he was born in 1920). When I joined the airline, he was already made a Captain.

As a young steward I used to applaud whenever he made the announcement over the PA telling the passengers not to "take it on the cabin crew" when things like flight delays, rough weather etc that inconvenienced the passengers.
At the end of the flight Capt Leong would make it a point to thank the cabin crew for looking after him and his technical crew.
Capt Leong never demanded for things like food,drinks etc. Each time we served him and his crew, he would ask whether there was enough food for us.
I have never seen him pulling his rank with anyone. He was always gentle,soft-spoken and humourous.

During those days, I flew with Capt Leong on the Comet 4 aircraft and I must say he was an excellent pilot. His landing of the Comet was superb.

Captain Leong passed away in 2008,a few months before his 88th birthday. May his soul Rest-In-Peace.

There were also pilots like Capt YC Choy, Lenny How, Johnnie Muraille, Gurum, Peter Leo, Tay Hock Hoe, Khari and many others who were ace pilots and good colleagues. Some have passed away while the others are now in their 70s and 80s.

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