Friday, July 5, 2013

A necessary paraphernalia for paxs and crew

This is a Sanyo traveller's cooker. It was a popular item with the crew. It was a necessary evil. The hotel where the crew were staying loathed this cooker but it was a favourite with the crew (pilots included). The hotel hated it because cooking in the room would dirty their premise and it was a fire hazard too.
The crew loved the cooker for the following reasons:
  • Convenience. During the cold winter in Europe, it was a hassle to go for meals. So cooking in the room was a way out for the crew.
  • Save money. One would not spend much as the crew would bring rice,  foodstuff and veggies like sausages, canned sardines,lettuce,broccoli etc and have them cooked in the room.
  • Halal food. It was difficult to find halal food for the Muslim crew. So the Sanyo cooker was a great help.
I would say 30% of the crew had in possession of the above cooker. They may not necessarily be Sanyo but other brands too.

This is a electrical hot rod for the purpose of boiling water to make coffee,tea and soup in the hotel room. This was also a very popular item with the crew. Most would "off-load" the coffee powder and tea bags from the aircraft. 

Food was expensive in places like Switzerland, France, London etc. It wasn't worth the money spent on food and so cooking in room provided a good alternative. Besides, it was not easy to find Chinese or spicy food in countries where the crew were staying.

Can you imagine the crew were paid S$45 a day for food in places like Germany, London, Copenhagen, Switzerland etc and a decent lunch would cost about half that amount? $45 was not enough to buy you 2 meals. Of course I am talking about the 1970s and 80s. Today, the crew are paid more and have easy access to all kinds of food in those countries I have mentioned earlier.

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