Saturday, July 27, 2013

Comment of the week.

After spending so many years in the airline, it pains me to read such adverse comments about the state of CC, in particular the union. Resolve yourselves to work together; do not compete, help one another instead. This will build your character, strengthen your foundation and lead you to the pot of gold that awaits you at the end of the rainbow. Enough has been said of our inflight svc std that is declining. This is not a good signal. Mgt is doing all it can to face up to this challenge. Every single employee must join hands to reignite the our time-honoured mantra as the "airline with a standard of infight service even other airlines talk about." 

BT: Above was contributed by a reader, supposedly a cabin crew.

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Anonymous said...

If all is good and rosy, there wont be adverse comments.
Mgt is doing all it can to hit their kpi's.
CC are treated like rubbish even after so many years of balls licking and sacrifices through courses and eca's and neglecting their families during their offdays.
Sack crew for trivial things without consideration for their family to feed.
Spending too much precious time looking for crews fault rather than looking at ways to up crews morale and spirit.
Finding 100 and 1 ways to cut crews income.
SIA image has gone down the drain and the mgt is to blame but of course they will never admit this.
The good old days are over and other airline dont talk about SIA anymore.
*sad but true*