Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Q & A on life as a Flight Attendant or cabin crew from BT's perspective

1) Q: Do you think the life of a flight attendant is glamorous?

    A: To a certain extent it is.

2) Q:  Would you want to be a flight attendant all over again if given a chance?

    A) Yes I would want to be a flight attendant again if I have only an "O" level

3) Q: Why? What if you possess a degree or diploma?
     A: The job of a flight attendant is only good in the short term. It has no career prospect eg. a flight attendant is usually put on work contract of about 4 to 5 years. It's not a stable job and can be terminated anytime. However, if I am a diploma or degree holder, I would find myself a better and long lasting career like my ex classmate here.

4) Q: Do you feel lonely when you nightstop overseas?

     A: It all depends on which city I layover. If I stopover in cities like London or the USA I would have many things to do so I won't feel lonely. The other factor is if I have a flight attendant colleague whom I could get along well, I would not feel lonely.

5) Q: What are the usual activities flight attendants engaged in during their layover?

    A: Shopping,sightseeing,drinking,visiting casinos and race tracks, theatres or spending time on their laptops, tablets, TVs or engaging in sex related activities etc in the hotel rooms.

6) Q: Why are there many cases of molest among crew?

     A: Because of loneliness and honyness. Many cases were not reported. Those cases that were reported usually involved older senior male flight attendants molesting young female flight attendants.

7) Q: Why only cases of older male flight attendants reported?

    A: These molesters were mostly of the same age or older than their victims' fathers. I do not mean to say the younger ones will get away scot-free. The victims are more tolerable because the perpetrators are young and perhaps good looking. Perhaps, a slap or two will be the punishment.

8) Q: Would you recommend people to be flight attendants?

     A) Of course I will....know why? Cos I give seminar/talks for FA wannabes.
They more people attend the more $$ I will make....hehehe :-)

9) Q : What do you think of the pilots?

    A) They are generally nice people except a few who feel they are the masters and the FAs are their slaves or maids.

10) Q: Who do the FA dislike the most?

       A) The management people in the office (the ones who are their task masters and punitive in many ways), the nasty passengers and the pilots.

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