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Sunday, July 21, 2013

SIA cabin crew interviews in the old days.

It was a Sunday just like today,warm and nice and we came back from KL with a short list of around a dozen girls for our bosses to do a final interview with them.

We were chided by our manager for having shortlisted only a dozen candidates for the flight stewardess job. He expected many more names on the list to justify our trip to KL.

Our explanations like there were not many girls suitably qualified etc were not accepted. "You just shortlist as many girls as you can,maybe 20 to 30 and let us decide whom to choose", said the manager.

In those days, the final round of the cabin crew interview was held in Singapore. Complimentary air tickets were given to the candidates to fly to S'pore and back to KL. The final round of candidates would be invited to a tea party session. The cabin crew top management people would be there to interact with these girls. They would have the final say as to which candidates would be selected. Most of them (about 90%) would be selected at the tea party.

After the tea party, the selected and well as the unsuccessful ones would fly back to KL.
The last stage was the medical check-up and those who passed would start their training in Singapore a few weeks later.

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