Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stewardess wanted to report molest to company

Tina has been flying for a few years. We are good friends and met quite regularly. A few days ago while having coffee with her at a cafe, she related this funny crew story to me.

A relatively new stewardess by the name of Betty told her chief stewardess (Mary) on the flight that she wanted to report the IFS (Ming) for touching her breast.
Betty related the incident to Mary. Before Betty could finish her story, Mary burst into laughter. "Ming is a "chau ah kuah" (old hag gay) you know and I don't think he had any intention of molesting you"..explained Mary.
Betty was unconvinced and still wanted to report Ming to the office. So when they touched down at Changi Airport, Betty's boyfriend (Bob) was there to fetch her home.
Betty complained to Bob who is also an IFS about the alleged molest and he too started to laugh. "No Betty, you will make a fool of yourself because everyone in the office know about Ming being a "chau ah kuah". If you are a young steward then this will be strong case", Bob explained to Betty.

Reluctantly, Betty decided not to lodge a complaint against Ming.
What really happened according to Tina was that Ming on opening the galley curtains accidentally elbowed Betty's chest.

So you see the stewardesses whether young or old would not hesitated to complain against their male colleagues for the slightest thing. In my opinion, these stewardesses are either childish or seeking attention from the office people as well as the crew. My bet is most of the complainants are ugly and in need of attention.

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