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Monday, July 1, 2013

Stripped himself in front of the sleeping Beauty.

Some have asked me about this case which I had mentioned in the posting yesterday (the one below la..aiya everything must also spoon It was a true story and many senior crew can attest to it. Of course la when I said "senior crew" it means the incidence happened long ago even before some of you were born.

The accused was a chief steward then. He was a randy guy (sexually eager or lustful).

When the Boeing 707 touched down at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport the chief steward invited the stewardess whom he was all along eyeing on the flight to have lunch with him. "Yucks!"...the stewardess told her other colleagues about the invitation. "Ugly Bear wanna have lunch with me?".."No way man" was what she told her stewardess colleagues. So the invitation was declined by Jean (not her real name). Of course, UB (Ugly Bear) was visibly upset.

After having lunch with the other stewardesses,  Jean went back to her hotel room to take a nap. The flight was full and came from SIN via SYD. It was indeed a very tiring flight. Jean had not slept since  checking into the hotel.

During the sleep, Jean dreamt of her boy friend. They were chatting and told how they missed each other.  Suddenly Jean felt someone and intruder was standing in front of her. Jean opened her eyes and saw UB standing right in front. He was naked and trying to force himself on her.She screamed and fought with UB so hard that a hotel security officer forced himself into the room and apprehended UB.

Apparently, UB got the spare key to Jean's room from the hotel receptionist. The hotel receptionist did not asked for verification from UB knowing he was one of the crew staying in the hotel. Another thing the company learnt from this incidence was that the rooms in which the crew stay should have a latch from inside. This is one of the criteria the airline will look for in its negotiation with the hotels.

UB was put on the company discipline inquiry. The union defended UB vigorously and managed to get him almost scot free except for a warning letter.

UB behaved himself after the incidence and in next few years, he was promoted to the supervisor rank.

UB has retired from the airlines and is now running a food stall in one of Singapore's hawker center.

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Anonymous said...

Why did the union defend a guy like this?