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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The likeability factor may land you the job.

I have frequently mentioned this very important factor at my Talks which may help one pass the cabin crew/flight attendant interview.
If you are liked by the interviewers you will stand a better chance at landing the job than a candidate who hasn't. So it difficult for someone not to like you if you have the likeability factor.

One key factor of being likable is being relatable. If people can’t relate to you and who you are, it’s very difficult for them to like you. When others relate to you, they feel like they can understand you and they may be more likely to watch what you’re doing and listen closely to what you’re saying. And if they like what you’re doing and saying, your likeability factor can go up.

Showing that you can think beyond your own needs and consider the needs of those around you is a valuable trait. It’s hard not to like someone who is genuinely empathetic, caring and understanding.

During the interview you will be one "up" on the other candidates if the interviewers like you.

How to be likeable? Well attend my Talks and I will tell you more.

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