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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wannabes need to change mindset.

Many cabin crew wannabes have the misconception that giving the correct answers to questions posed by the interviewers are terribly important. I repeatedly told my talks participants and e-guide buyers the way in which they answer the questions would be more important than the accuracy of their answers.
This is not a rocket scientist job. It is a job that requires a host of other qualities (EQ mostly) than just being intelligent. Yet many are unable to change their mindset and stress themselves with trying to come up with the correct answers.
Ask yourself, if you are a passenger,would you prefer a cabin crew who is intelligent but not service oriented?
As a passenger, I would rather have a cabin crew who is service-minded than one who is good looking,intelligent and so forth but not able to please me with the service. Agreed, it would be perfect to have a crew who is service oriented, intelligent,good looking,articulate etc but you can only find a handful of such people. Therefore, do not stress yourself unnecessarily before an interview. Relax and be nice to yourself and others. It is the correct attitude towards people than giving the correct answers that matter most at the cabin crew interview.

I believe the owner of this facebook account was an ex-chief stewardess and she would greet people with a "Good morning and Bonjour" plus some beautiful flowers and a " Good night ...sweet dreams" when she post her FB in the morning and night. Click

From her posting in her FB, it shows her lovely nature and attitude towards people.


Anonymous said...

That is so very true. It is how you make pple feel that matters most. Once pple are comfortable with you, they will naturally accept you. Respect, patience, sincerity towards others and paying attention to their needs and what they say are the qualities that pple or pax like, be it in cabin crew or any customer-service oriented role.

Eagle said...

Hi BT. The above comment was from me.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks for your comment Eagle. How are u doing?

Eagle said...

Pretty good thanks. Busy with several projects here in Aust. Hope you're doing fine.

Boh Tong said...

Good on u mate! I am fine too.

Eagle said...

That's very aussie! Anyway, contact on FB or email my usual email add. Gonna turn off PC soon, it's almost midnite over here. Will keep you updated on any news/developments. Good Nite.