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Friday, August 30, 2013

A comment and a piece of advice

A comment from a flight stewardess

Good morning BT, I am someone that always believe good service comes from within, its a matter of whether we (CC) want to do it or not. After 3 years flying with SQ, I am truly impressed by how crew's creativity can do magic on board. By enforcing, does not get the desired results. I am paxing recently to PVG, for once I sit down and observed that the smiles are gone, the positiveness and passion are replaced by "are towels done"? SPML accounted for? etc. WE ARE SAPPED by the company because of all these minor things they are squeezing us. EG..roster us flights right till our rostered AALV, A330 refusing to standardise at 11 crewing, take away 2 crew for 200R, i feel it doesnt make sense playing THE SIA GIRL video right after take off, but we are not happy, tired, demoralised. I really hope BT start a place for our views to be shared, or even publish a newsletter to be sent to our CEO :D for I am someone at the frontline for SIA, I know, if mgt do not squeeze and squeeze us, we dont need checks board, we will fight for SIA.

An advice from an ex cabin crew

Looks like life in CC has been going downhill on a faster pace since we left CC, based on the recent comments of the existing CC & their frustration with the current MGMT and Union.

If its any consolation to existing CC, life outside is no "bed of roses". Fortunately being self employed does help you decide your own fate and success without having to depend on "others" like in CC.

My advice to current CC is this, if you're really unhappy then make up your mind & leave. It won't be easy but you'll never know till you try. The younger you are, the better your chances to succeed outside.

The longer you stay, the harder it'll be to leave because CC life puts you in a comfort zone that is very hard to give up. It basically make you very contented.

Its no use complaining coz things will not get better. So if you intend stay then you must tolerate and put on blinkers.

I left CC when I was in my early forties. Today almost 10 yrs on I'm so much happier depending on myself for a living. The only regret I have today is that I did not leave when I was younger.

Establishing yourself on the outside takes time, so its in your advantage to leave CC earlier than later.


Anonymous said...

good morning Mr BT,
i couldnt agree more with you thats why i also chose to leave. Life is tough everywhere but I believe if one is not lazy, still can survive , most important appreciated. Not like SIA, every play motivating video, now got a new BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL series..but crew in the briefing room want to laugh..I know what Mr Tan is coming about, but maybe he is too high up in the ivory tower that he might not know what is happening on ground. Play motivation video but on the other hand, the middle management come out with ideas to squeeze us. Last heard already got CCE come onboard to do survey and feedback whether 1.5hr reporting it workable...
now wonder share price is trending at $9.40++ as i typping now..for me i chose to leave a place where you are not allowed to get promoted for getting sick

5 years flying junior :):)

Tony S said...

They want to reduce the 1.5 hr reporting time to 1 hr so as to avoid paying crew 2 1/2 times IFA on flt like sin/lon etc

Anonymous said...

There will always be people who want to be a SQ crew... regardless of the conditions. Until the brand becomes negative ( which it will at this rate ).
The aura of being associated with SQ is seen as a privilege.

Not till you experience 1st hand their style of handling and managing people ( even customers!).

Business partners, vendors are not very happy with their terms & conditions.. but they know SQ is a big customer and they need SQ.. so what to do?
Employees too.

I am so happy being out of SQ.. the other night I had a dream. It was about business class. Transferring trays, rearranging components.. wah! I tell you... it was nightmarish!

Thank goodness I am no longer doing that!!

No more waiting for taxi to go home or to report for work
No more early morning flights either ex SIN or ex stations
No more trying to synchronise leave with partner outside SQ... reviewing loads.. guessing what if scenarios!
No more running around trying to find a vegetarian meal or assemble one at 35000ft!

No more hoping to chocks on to get dinner, lunch... breakfast.. having to curry favour with pilots.

No more having to write reports about why business times not enough for Mr tan chinku.. and how he became so upset because no more lobster with bee hoon ( yah.. still got such freaking people on travelling around!)

Dont mind people starring down my boobs though.

Anonymous said...

You who complain after leaving the coy are scumbags. Sorry BT

Anonymous said...

Don't BS lah. Flyin as a cc is still better than many other jobs outside. Ask the retired cc who are only good for driving taxis,being chauffers to MBS or the likes,security guards working 12 hr shift for 50 bucks a day.

Never be a crew... said...

Well, if your skills allow you to work as chauffer, taxi driver, security guards, what can I say?

It just goes to show how incompetent a crew really is. Solving double seating issues is a skill? Able to calm a passenger down because of claustrophobia?
is a skill?

Then how come you cant find alternate job that needs such skill? Pay too low?
SQ pay very good meh?
If you have any brain left, go calculate the cost benefit ratio of being a crew.

one night in LON is a benefit?
2 nights in DME is a benefit?
How much effort do you need to put in in order to get that benefit?
What are the chances of getting a long flight nowdays?

Squat, stand, squat, stand... g string become Y string...

Now dont forget the other dangers... Auditors, CCE, and a host of viral substance lurking behind every curtain,
office and circular..

Too punitive environment.. I take my chances being in sales, marketing or teaching.

Anonymous said...

CC are always complaining. Yet, a lot of the married ones still want to come back and fly after giving birth. And a lot more wannabes keep applying. So management is not too worried about CC being unhappy. There are still a lot willing to come back to office to "angkat". The past couple of days saw some CC washing cars in STC to raise funds.

Anonymous said...

more youngsters are not blinded by the "glamour" or free travel anymore. they know how a SIA CC job is not as good as last time and its full of shat now. just look at all the previous interviews, turnouts are small and quality of candidates are not there.

pls go study more, work hard in the real world and then take SIA as paxs.

Anonymous said...

yah the quality of the gals are so bad... they are freaking ugly and blur like sotong.. SIA is going downhill...

here is a quote from TONY FERNANDES:

Fernandes says that to him "employees come number one, customers come number two. If you have a happy workforce they'll look after your customers anyway."

"We have a culture department whose sole job is to organise parties."

He has been known to search out new staff in queues. "I look for people who have drive, who have ambition, who are humble. I've hired many people at very strange places."

"You can have all the money you want in the world, and you can have all the brilliant ideas but if you don't have the people, forget it.

Anonymous said...

By all means SOARERS...

ENJOY your squatting and kneeling down in the tiny aisles!
Just to apologize to passengers due to no choice of meals, no more straits times, missing out rows/ passengers' orders.

Gone were the days!
whereby LON COP $1.2K, DME-IAH above $2K

Marketing SQ advertisements cost a lot of millions.

I mean who don't know SQ in this world?
Even pax travel with other airlines get to travel with SQ due to star alliance code share.

Perhaps they should use these millions and invest in SQ staff's welfare!
Would be a better marketing strategy.

Happy crew, Happy passengers!

Since they take back crew $ after banking in (after 6 mths)

I won't be surprised if one day a smart alec in management shall propose to SQ. Hey why don't we let our crew to share rooms?
Can save TONS of MONEY!

Nevertheless, Safe flights always!

Anonymous said...

Yes, being able to calm a passenger down is a skill. Go and work in the non-service sector to see how incompetent people can really be when it comes to communication and inter-personal skills.
Know your strengths, know your skills and work on your weaknesses.