Thursday, August 29, 2013

A retired IFS whom I couldn't recognised at first.

From a distance of about 20 meters, someone was waving at me. My eyesight is still good but even as I strained my eyes I could not recognised the person. As I got closer then I realised he was a cabin crew (retired IFS). His name is Ian and he was with his wife at the coffee shop having their bar-chor mee breakfast.
Ian has put on a lot of weight. He looked older than his age with a short haircut. "Can't you recognised me, do I change so much ?" Ian smilingly asked me. " Nope you still looked the same except that you have gained some weight " I said politely.

We chatted for awhile about life after SIA, property investment etc etc.
Ian's wife was a stewardess with SIA too.
They had sold their landed property for $3.3 million two years ago and now live in an apartment (1.6 million) on the east coast. The last time I visited them was about 10 years ago in the old house. It was a beautiful house with a relatively big garden. Ian told me they are both in their 60s and find it hard to cope with a big garden and decided to downgrade to an apartment.
After 30 minutes with them, I excused myself as I have to transport the 2 little Chihuahuas in my van to the airport. Just before I left them, Ian's wife asked me to show her the 2 little dogs. "Oh my daughter will flip over if she sees these 2 little cuties" Ian's wife gleefully told me. In fact, they have 2 dogs of the same breed at home.

Ian invited me to have lunch with him 2 days later. I accepted the invitation without much hesitation and hurriedly left them.

2 days later:

I met Ian at the appointmented time and place for lunch. By sheer coincidence, we met another senior crew, Jack. He was invited to join us at the same table for lunch which he accept without much thought.
Jack had also left the airlines many years ago. He is now in his 60s and he looked much older than his age. He was pale looking but still as lively a character as he was. We ordered our Indian curry lunch and in between our meals when chatted merrily about the good old flying days.

Suddenly, Jack slumped into his chair and gasped for air. He had a heart attack! Ian skillfully applied CPR on Jack after which we hurriedly drove him to Changi Hospital. Jack was instantly warded. He had a mild stroke we were told but everything would be "alright" Jack's Filipino doctor assured us.

I was invited to Ian's house to have coffee with him. His wife was out the whole day, playing mahjong with her friends, Ian told me.

A little info on Ian:

Ian was a very conscientious crew. I flew with him on a number of occasions all those years. We got along fine with each other but we were not close friends. His wife was a reserved and quiet lady and we did not communicate much with each other during our flying days. However when we met on this occasion, she was chatty and friendlier. The same goes for Ian too. It's a wonder how people as they grow older they become more gracious and friendlier.

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Anonymous said...

as you get older, you get more gracious and friendlier cos you start to let go of grievances, unhappiness etc and just learn to see things in another light. if old liao still grumpy, i think thats very sad.

Teh Tarik said...

Many old people are grumpy and impatient why ah?

Mata Hari said...

When one is nearer to the grave one should be nicer.

Anonymous said...