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Saturday, August 17, 2013

How some countries recruit their informers

Len was a steward on the flight going to a city called A. When the flight landed at A, Len was frisked by the custom people. They found a flick knife in his possession. He was detained for questioning. The rest of the crew were asked to leave for the hotel.
Almost 9 hours later, Len was released and he took a cab to the crew hotel which was 45 minutes ride away from the airport. Len had been flying and working all night and by this time he was totally exhausted.

The next day, Len went out with his crew for lunch and told them precisely what happened at the custom. He was interrogated and threatened to be arrested and prosecuted in court for possessing a "deadly" weapon. Sensing that Len was innocent, the custom personnel made a deal with him. The deal was whenever Len flies to A, he must call the customs and inform them of any unusual activity on the part of the passengers. If Len fails to call them, he would be detained and not allowed to fly out of A. Len agreed to the deal. Len has unwittingly became an informer for the airport custom department of A till this day.

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