Saturday, August 17, 2013

IFS molesting stewardess case...

Should employ this type of stewardess and molestation will go down

The IFS allegedly involved in the molestation of a stewardess has tendered his resignation even before the disciplinary inquiry starts. He has also had his $70,000 gratuity forfeited.


Anonymous said...

with all these nonsense..
no wonder most of the ex crew working in the stock markets are shorting the counter huat ah!

5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

As we speak 1328 hrs SIA is down to 9.92!

Anonymous said...

When crew the frontliners
morale is so down, it is hard for the business to go up..
unless we invite a very flamboyant CEO like what Mr Boh Tong has pasted in this post, MR Richard Branson...crew will be happy go fight for him

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

SIA Shares will continue to weight and face selling pressures if middle east unrest in Egypt , Syria , and Libya continues. Our brand name is eroding, we are famous for our 6 star cabin crew...not 6 star cabin.
With such low morale , how will crew be motivated to fight for you when little little things, demerit points , CI DI, lol
lastly, emergence of budget airlines.
Short term SIA Tp: $9.50 in near term
5 years flying junior