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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Married chief steward and his mistresses

Bob wasn't that good looking nor charming as we guys thought of him. He was a chief steward, quiet and reserved and not very efficient in doing his job on board the flight. Yet he had a stewardess girlfriend, a wife with 3 kids and lovers in many parts of the world.

What shock many of us and his wife was that he had a woman in Taiwan who bore him 2 small kids,below the age of 5.
One day, his Taiwanese lover brought his 2 kids to his S'pore home and confronted his wife. Obviously the wife was shocked to find her husband had fathered the 2 kids in Taiwan. There was a big fight as to who was the legitimate wife.  At this point, Bob left the airline and we do not know what has happened to the case.

Bob's stewardess girlfriend Shirley was still flying at that point of time.  She was shocked to hear about Bob's Taiwanese lover case too. But Shirley continued to be his girlfriend till today. Shirley is now 58 years old and unmarried.

BT: Some crew told me Bob was fantastic at love making and the girls he bedded would always yearned for more.


Anonymous said...

wah lao wanna have sex, just play safe with pros (im not advocating it). dun need to bed other women and even hv children and families, thats very irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

Hello u above..that's his business la so dun tell Bob what to do morally.