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Monday, August 12, 2013

Never even consider marrying an air stewardess?

Real life story - I was in my twenties and she was an air hostess with Gulf Air. Her letters seemed honest and I imagined she was the girl of my dreams. On her 2/3 day stays she would literally beg for extreme sex and I used to think it was all about missing me. We eventually got married. After our first 2 years she started to invent all sort of stories to avoid making love to me. As years went by she started to dictate everything and our love life consisted of once or twice monthly.It all became clear, during her 3 years with the airline she messed out with many big spenders probably Arab businessmen that hook hostesses on the plane and use them for fuck toys! She obviously missed the high life and hated sex and messed my life. I even found out recently from her then 'friends' about cocaine and hashish parties that went on in Bahrain in the mid 80's. My advice to all men is, never even consider marrying an air hostess!

BT: From a reader.


older bro said...

real life story of my sis:

- with loving bf for many years before she got into the airline. bf objected but she said it was her dream

- broke up with bf during 1st yr of flying. bf is like my bro so i know hes very sad but my sis recovered v fast. i know she is quite wild and shld be playing around inside.

- then got attached with a steward. they were off sooner than i expected.

- the bags she bought are so much more ex, its definitely more than her one mth pay. discovered she got together with a much older pilot. she kept it from me but i found out by chance. the funny thing is, she said shes serious abt it.

- one day came home and cried and told me pilot is a jerk cos sleeping with another stewardess. told her to wake up now and she said ok.

- suddenly, she got together with another steward. this one last longer than the rest. she said shes quite sure this time and maybe he is mr right.

she gt tired of flying and is thinking of resigning. what i didnt expect is before she resign, she broke up with steward.

so after resign, i told her enough of her fairy tale nonsense inside. she said, all guys are jerks! but i told her, you my sis is not any better. better wake the f up before no decent guy will want her.

btw, she was from S*A.

Anonymous said...

So very sad but I hope it is not reflective of all SQ girls.

Anonymous said...

there are up and downs in life.
there are all kind of people around you.
BUT, that doesn't mean that everyone is the same.
one cannot plainly judge that "all air steward/stewardess are like this" just because of past experiences.
life is like this; it depends on how you see it as it is; your own perspective.

the tittle " never even consider marrying an air stewardess?" might cause people to misinterpret and get a wrong ideal of their future mate. this could lead to a wrong signal or advise gave.

not everyone is how you think they are.

Anonymous said...

Hey i tell you same thing happened to me.. She had big dreams when she joined as an airhostess... She loved me no doubt, but later in the profession she started spoiling herself going for drinks, comparing herself with other airhostess... Started going pubs and hiding from me... Things became serious when she had sex with another guy in drunk condition without protection... Didn't told... Started hating herself for that... But i excused her that too and asked to get married soon.. But she started complaining about money is important in life and that guy has more money...even that guy was ten years older... She went to meet him told me That she went for saying sorry... But again had sex too and didn't came home without protection... What kind of profession is that... That girl was th best girl i ever met.. But see she changed.. When we were together i have seen her other friends were like that too... Girls should choose this carefully dnt know where this will end....