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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Senior crew bullying the juniors

Sadly I was given to understand there are a few senior crew giving the junior crew a hard time on board. It seems they vent their frustration and anger on their junior crew because their retirement has not be extended or they have not been promoted. Some are unhappy with their rosters and they claimed they are overworked. But my question is why take it on the junior crew? If they have the balls they should take it on the cc management.

I was asked by these junior crew not mention the names of these bullies for the fear of reprisals. A few of them are probationary crew. However, if the bullying continues I am going to mention their names here. I do not care whether cc management is going to take note of their names or not but the whole world should know who they are.

Yaya papaya, scared of management but dare to bully the underdogs. Life is not so simple ok!

Btw one of the junior's father has asked the crew to write to the cabin crew SVP.


ex crew said...

zapping will not work on the current/younger generation. theres a limit on how much they can take it before they erupt.

ex crew said...

btw bt, you really will publish their names here? do you know some of them?

Boh Tong said...

Yes I will publish. I hv got a sms from a jr crew regarding the bullying.

ex crew said...

whoa i wonder what the seniors did? maybe the junior did smth wrong?

LoveApple said...

Younger generation nowadays can be a strawberry (easily bruised). Can't take corrections with grace. Correct performances, complained they kana zapped!? What's real zapping they will never have a taste of our time. Work hard, play even harder! It's one side of the story that these "bullies" are disgruntled, if really that's the reasons for bullying it's not right to take it out on your colleagues (be it juniors or seniors).

Anonymous said...

Thats why everyone work to rules.

No more camaraderie.

Teamwork?.. just the appearance only.
Wait till you get into trouble then you will see real "teamwork".. all run far, far away.

Show me the black & white, I will show you my smiles.
Show me the black & white, I will show you my compliance

Show me something vague, I will show you Seth C:

that you touched me..
opps! include
"torched" me too!

Nah, nah, nah,... you cannot catch me!
I am the princess... and virginal too.
wink, wink!

Ha! ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Are u still gonna publish the names of these senior crew? I know it’s been a while back!