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Monday, August 26, 2013

SIA cabin crew interview in Penang,Malaysia

This SIA cabin crew walk-in interview is mainly for Inter-Excel students and its alumni. It is to be held in Penang on 3 September 2013 (Tuesday).

I understand from one of my would-be Talks participants that the 3-month cabin crew/flight attendant preparatory course with Inter is about S$1,500.
There is NO guarantee that the students and its alumni will get a job with the airlines after or before graduation.
My would-be Talks participant was a student with Inter and he managed to get into a budget airline as a steward. His ambition is to be a flight steward with SIA but without success. He told me he has failed as many as 11 times at the SIA cabin crew interview. He has asked me to privately coach him (1 on 1 coaching) for the next SIA interview.


Anonymous said...

He should have saved his 1,500 and ask you to coach him for 400 and have better chance of getting employed by SQ. Silly boy!

Anonymous said...

huh? they attend a 3 mths course for $1500 then attend interview? whats the rationale?

Anonymous said...

for 1500 can be assured of the job then I also don't mind paying

Anonymous said...

i think the 1500 course is to teach them how to be cabin crew. but for f8ck? they havent even been employed by any airline