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Friday, August 16, 2013

Fss allegedly stole colleague's mobile phone

Stealing colleagues' money I have heard of but not stealing of handphone. Just recently, a stewardess was alleged to have stolen another crew's handphone while they were working on the same flight. It wasn't a clever thing to do considering how easy it is for the victim to find out who had stolen her phone.
There are 3 ways to find your missing this one

Security personnel were alerted and when the flight landed at Changi Airport, the stewardess was arrested,handcuffed and brought to the police station. I am still unsure whether she was charged for theft or not.

Crew who intend to steal on board the plane should take a lesson on how to do it without being caught from an ex-supervisor. This guy was never caught although he was suspected of stealing from his passengers on numerous occasions. The closest to being caught was when another crew on the flight saw him flushing away a passenger's wallet in the toilet after emptying its contents.
The supervisor was coerced into early retirement by the company. He gladly accepted a gratuity of almost $200,000 offered by the company and scooted off to Australia. Last I heard, he was electrocuted while trying to fiddle with some electrical products.

Below is the latest I've received from my source via WhatsApp.

IST = Istanbul, Turkey.
Fss = stewardess         (lady in blue kebaya)
LS = Leading steward ( lady in green kebaya)
IFS = Infight Supervisor ( highest rank in cabin aka crew-in-charge)

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Anonymous said...

Was the accused an Indian stewardess?

indian said...

native indian or sg indian?

Anonymous said...

Native Indian stewardess.

Anonymous said...

no offence but sg indian not so dumb