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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things I wish my bosses had done to me continues.

My bosses should NOT have promoted me so I could have spent more time flying as an IFS and kapoh (stole) and drank more free liquor.

My bosses should have given me lifts (tompang) to work v v so I could have saved on transportation money and now buy a Jaguar or Hyundai also ok lah.

I wish they didn't make the aircon in the office so cold cos I am now unable to live without air-conditioning (my PUB bill is going up & up).

SIA shouldn't have spoilt me by allowing me to fly first class cos now I am not used to flying budget airlines or cattle class.

My ex chairman shouldn't have told us that SIA shares are meant to be kept as "family heirloom" otherwise I would have sold all cos today it is $9.80. Once upon a time it was $17 a piece.

My bosses should have sacked me so I could start a business called "Prawn & Co" like what my colleague did (Fishy & Co).

The company should have made me its CEO and I would kick my nasty bosses' asses and sacked a couple of dead woods who were drawing big fat salaries.

I wish, I wish ......many more wishes...read more here

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