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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trainee steward was charged in court.

Lim was a fine looking young man whose dream was to be a flight steward. After a few attempts at the rigorous cabin crew interview he managed to secure the job. Lim was jubilant and called for a small celebration in a pub with his friends.
That night Lim met a pub hostess by the name of Jill. She was much older than Lim but that did not stop Jill for falling for the handsome steward-to-be.

Lim returned to the pub night after night to be with Jill. Lim wasn't in love with Jill but he was obsessed with Jill's sexy body. Lim "tried" on Jill and he managed to sleep with her.

Jill and Lim became lovers. At that time, Lim was undergoing training to be a steward at the training center.

After a month or two with Jill, Lim got tired of her and decided to ditch her. After all there were many sexy and younger trainee stewardesses in his class. Lim fell for Lynn a 19 year old in his class.

Jill came to know about Lim and Lynn. Jill was extremely jealous and decided to make Lim pay dearly for leaving her.

Jill deliberately spiked her drink during the last session of them being together (Jill and Lim) in her apartment.
Early the next morning when Jill got up, she reported to the police that Lim had spiked her drinks the night before and had raped her.
After a thorough medical check-up, it was established that Jill's drink was spiked and she was raped. DNA test also showed that Lim was the alleged rapist.

Lim was charged for the above offence. The truth was Lim was innocent.
It took Lim's lawyer quite a long time to convince the judge that Lim was innocent of the alleged crime.

To cut a long story short, the case was dismissed and Lim was cleared of all charges.

All this time during the trial, Lim's services with the airline was terminated. After he was found innocent by the court he asked the airline to reinstate him as a trainee steward. The airline refused and Lim's dream of being a steward was dashed.


Anonymous said...

Why don't Lim sue the airline for not reinstating him. He was innocent isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Is the airline SQ?

Boh Tong said...

It is the airline's prerogative not to re-instate Lim. He was also under probation and a trainee.

To the second question my answer is no.

Anonymous said...

Jill should not be allowed to get away for her crime, misleading the police and destroying a person without weapons.

Jacky said...

Don't anyhow play.

Anonymous said...

SIA very kiasee one