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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trainee steward was charged in court....continues..Lim visited Phuket

To the police this wasn't a high profile case and so they do not go beyond their normal duty to investigate further. However, to Lim it was an important, a do or die case and he was going to solve it one way or another.

Lim knew Jill had evaded arrest and fled to Phuket. He had learnt about the Phuket thing when he was intimate with Jill. She talked a lot and couldn't keep secrets away from her handsome Lim. She gave everything to him including her body and soul. Such was the lust she had for Lim.

The unforgivable Lim knew he could not do the job of finding Jill by himself. He had to engage a professional to track Jill down. Lim also knew that Jill's Russian lover in Phuket had sheltered her. To come into confrontation with Nikita was a dangerous thing to do, Lim realised. Nikita was a tough rouge and had a killer's instinct. Few in Phuket dared to cross swords with Nikita.

To hire a pro to deal with a man like Nikita was a costly affair and Lim simply couldn't afford it. But nothing would stop this young man from getting his revenge with Jill. He thought of a way of how to finance his project.

Lim was likened to Bruce Lee, the late Kung Fu movie star legend. Lim was a martial art exponent and an excellent one too. He could easily handle 4 to 5 unarmed strong guys. But with a weapon expert and supposedly well-armed Nikita it was a totally different thing.

The day Lim set off for Phuket was the day his friends and family members last saw him. He had completely disappeared and there was no news of his whereabouts. According to his friends he may have been killed. The case was reported to the local authorities but they failed to located Lim till this day.
I was thinking if he would only asked me for advice, I would have referred him to Inspector Tony a friend of mine who is a professional. But it's too late now.

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Anonymous said...

Lim was doubly unlucky. First he lost his job and second he was killed.