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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weird questions asked at SIA cabin crew interview ??

"For those going for an SIA interview, these are some deadbeat questions asked by in-flight supervisors who are inexperienced in HR recruitment, and are taken off their regular jobs and made to ask such mindless questions.

"Questions asked are: If you were a fruit what would you be? Who is your beloved? If you had a dollar what would you do?....Read more

An unsuccessful candidate's friend wrote to STOMP claiming that inexperienced Inflight Supervisors at the SIA cabin crew interview asked the candidates "weired and mindless" questions. 

I do NOT represent SIA nor speak on its behalf. I was an ex SIA  cabin crew interviewer and have since retired. The views I expressed here are solely my own.

The interviewers were not Inflight Supervisors (IFS) per se. They are Inflight Auditors (I/A or Ward Leaders, a notch higher than the IFS).
When I was with SIA, many IFS were involved in the interview process too.

As for the questions posed to the wannabes, I do not find them "mindless" nor "weird" nor offensive. 
The interviewers do not seek for the so called "correct" answers for they aren't any. The process and  the way the questions are answered are more important eg. did the wannabe answer in a pleasant and friendly manner, was she/he look and sound confident? etc.

It is easy to criticise and make a "mountain out of a molehill" when one has failed the interview. To that particular candidate and others, my advice is to try again at the next interview on 5 October. Hopefully, they would have learnt from the article posted in STOMP and be wiser.


I am buah duku said...

Perhaps they prefer questions like:

Q1 - If your passenger showed you the seat belt that has become detached, what would you do?

Q2 - The passenger is allergic to gluten, and asks if the food that you are serving contains gluten. What would you do?

Q3 - Your transport to the airport is very late, your mother called you to buy her panadol as she has a fever. You also had an argument with your boyfriend ( that is why your transport is late). How would you deal with this?

I would be more comfortable if they asked me if I were a fruit, what would I be. I could talk non-stop ha! ha!ha!

Silly fruitie eh?

Successful wannabe said...

buah duku i am in total agreement with you. This failed wannabe just want to make an issue out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

buah duku, don't worry, these type of questions will appear during 1-1. The so called "ridiculous" questions only appear at round 1 and it is useful to boot out people like stomper who can't deal with "difficult" or "ridiculous" questions when so many other people in the past can do it.

Anonymous said...

I think they more comfortable with multiple choice. It is bcos of the education that they had.

Hmmm.. passengers give crew multiple choice answers meh?

Pax: What are you serving today?
choose the following answers:
1. Duck
2. Chicken
3. Lamb
4. Prawns

Crew: Eh?.. Can I go and check?

Pax: No. That is not in the choice

Crew: Errr.. I think .. Can you tell me the choice again?.. can send watsapp or not? so leychay to remember leh!

Pax: Wat the F...!!

Crew: Yah lor!.. I was thinking the same!!

Anonymous said...

LOL i think these two comments left in stomp are quite funny:

Interviewer: If you were a fruit, what would you be? Interview: I imagine myself as a strawberry. It looks beautiful in red outside but can be sour inside. Then I will let you lick and suck my strawberry slowly before you will bite, you will chew and swallow it. Interviewer: Passed.

Interviewer: Who is your beloved? Interviewee: Singapore! (must shout out loud and clear to show the passion) Without Singapore, there will be no you and me. No SIA. No time now for this interview. Interviewer: (shocked but amused) I am asking you to name one of your loved one. A person. Interviewee: Singapore! I am telling you all people in Singapore, not just the country and this piece of land. I treat everyone as equal, not matter you are an elderly, a man, a woman, a child or a baby. Interviewer: Passed.

Anonymous said...

"Q3 - Your transport to the airport is very late, your mother called you to buy her panadol as she has a fever. You also had an argument with your boyfriend ( that is why your transport is late). How would you deal with this?"

how to tackle this question?

Anonymous said...

sir, im currently awaiting medical results. whats the possibility of failing medical? ive heard of friends getting rejection letters even though their medical went well

Boh Tong said...

If u are healthy you will be recruited.