Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wil recognised Boh Tong

A few weeks ago I met a big guy called Wil at Toast Box (Greenwich). He was with a friend and as he was about to take his seat next to me, he recognised me.
" You must be Boh Tong", he pointed at me. " I recognised you from the photo in your blog", Wil told me with a tinge of excitement in his voice. I smiled and stretched my hand to shake his. " I am Wil and I have even bought your book besides reading your blog", he proudly said. " Thanks Wil " I replied gratefully.

We sat at Toast Box for almost an hour talking about the stories in my book and the blog, in between eating our food. Wil asked me a lot of questions regarding the stories.

I was pleasantly surprised Wil even read about the detective stories that I wrote in my other blog. He asked me whether the stories were true or not. He told me the stories were interesting and my book was "under publicised" or else it could have been made into a movie like one in Thailand.

Each time I meet my fans, I would spend some time chatting with them. It's refreshing to know that they enjoyed my stories.

Thanks Wil, I hope to meet you again.

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