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Saturday, September 7, 2013

5 stages of the interview.

I liken life to the 5 stages of the SIA cabin crew interview.

Stage 1 :  Brought into this world and struggle from infancy to .....

Stage 2 : Enter kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to colleges etc..

Stage 3 : Enter workforce, work and struggle (dealing with office and aircrew politics) to support family...

Stage 4 : Retirement, old age , health problems set in etc....

Stage 5 :  Final interview but a little different from the SIA interview in that all will make it........but to the grave  no matter how you've performed (except one who rose from the dead)...! hahahaaa sure si liao!

BT: Some don't even make it to stage 5 cos they somehow "dropped off" (perhaps don't smile enough or have negative attitude etc..) along the way...hehe.

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