Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bridge Over Troubled Water: by Jeffrey Jiles

Luke Tan 3 days ago
Thanks Jeffrey you are a great talent and I enjoy your music as much as those of Floyd Cramer.

Jeffrey Jiles
Jeffrey Jiles 3 days ago
Boh, my real name is Roy Hutchins. Jeffrey Jiles is my Internet and Stage name. Yes I am Jeffrey Jiles, I started playing the piano when I was 3 years old. Thank You for the very nice comment...........Jeffrey Jiles

Boh Tong 3 days ago
Jeffrey Jiles commented here??? I can't believe it! But if it was you Jeffrey I am truly honoured. Thanks very much cos I really love the way you play the piano.

Jeffrey Jiles
Jeffrey Jiles 3 days ago
I like the video with my music......Jeffrey Jiles

I used the piano piece of "Bridge over troubled water" played by the great and famous Jeffrey Jiles and upload the above video. To my great surprise, Jeffrey Jiles left a comment saying he liked the video with his music. I am truly honoured to have Jeffrey Jiles's comment.

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