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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy crew, Happy passengers!

By all means SOARERS said...

ENJOY your squatting and kneeling down in the tiny aisles!
Just to apologize to passengers due to no choice of meals, no more straits times, missing out rows/ passengers' orders.

Gone were the days!
whereby LON COP $1.2K, DME-IAH above $2K

Marketing SQ advertisements cost a lot of millions.

I mean who don't know SQ in this world?
Even pax travel with other airlines get to travel with SQ due to star alliance code share.

Perhaps they should use these millions and invest in SQ staff's welfare!
Would be a better marketing strategy.

Happy crew, Happy passengers!

Since they take back crew $ after banking in (after 6 mths)

I won't be surprised if one day a smart alec in management shall propose to SQ. Hey why don't we let our crew to share rooms?
Can save TONS of MONEY!

Nevertheless, Safe flights always! 


Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with what BT has just said.

Happy crews happy passengers.

The crews is in the frontline that represent the airlines, if you're going to let the crews down all the best for on board experiences for the passengers.

No wonder the cabin service has been deteriorating. Cutting back on allowances back from crews just made crews have lower morale and are unhappy working.. SIA crew division management are known for their bad culture. Can't get promoted if you applied too many sick leave? Get reprimanded for the slightest mistakes? Oh please.. They should just look at the incentives and benefits other airlines offer. SIA must wake up before the service go even downhill..

Good luck to all the crews.

Anonymous said...

Mission - Cut cost, save more
Vision - Maximum profits, robbot staff