Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More pertaining to the LS's farewell letter

A reader has this to say about the leading steward who has circulated his email regarding his superiors.

"Can't imagine what will happen if S.T. were to get a copy of these letters. He does have a problem all right. But the way he is going about it leaves much to be desired. It would have made a difference if he had just stated the facts and put his views across in a sane manner. He is heavily opinionated and sounds like he's trying to even the score. To make matters worse, he has also criticised the IFS and his wife as well as the system in Mgt. The Company's Regulations on this are clear and verifiable. Looks like he has stirred the hornet's nest."


Noorman said...

In my personal opinion, he gets the facts across as plain and factual as any reasonable person. Stirring the hornet's nest to tell the truth is worth it. He became the fall man, so that the truth can finally be seen by all. it cannot be swept under the carpet again after this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Atleast he got the balls to say it out

Anonymous said...

Well said by Noorman. He is courageous for speaking out which not many people have the guts to. I applaud him. GQ crew, sommelier and a passion to fly. It's a shame he has to leave the company.

Anonymous said...

He probably was at the end of his tethers.With no recourse for him, he hit out at the IFS as a last resort.
Both IFS and his wife are no angels and have been douche bags to crew they don't fancy.
What goes around comes around for them.
Hope the top management will do an investigation on the allegations.