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Thursday, September 12, 2013

My ex colleague's Thai food business and the Love scam

One of my colleagues after taking the "Golden Handshake" from SIA went on to set up a Thai restaurant. He wanted to do everything with class. He even flew in a Thai chef from Bangkok, paid him thousands of dollars per month.
Just before he started opening his restaurant for business, he invited us for food tasting. He asked for feedback and many of my other colleagues flattered him with good reports about the quality of the food. The truth is people like to hear nice things about themselves or the things they do, in this case about the standard of his food.
We supported him by patronising his restaurant for a short while but the truth of the matter was the quality of the food was substandard and pricey.
This guy liked to do things his way and would not like others to criticise him nor the way he does his things.
Eventually, after less than a year his restaurant folded up and he incurred a loss of $250,000. What a pity!

The difference between my ex colleague and the lady in the video below was one worked very hard and lost $250,000 and the other fell in "love" and lost $200,000.


Anonymous said...

The story of your ex-colleague's Thai restaurant is a wake-up call. It was within a location of so many other shops selling good and tasty dishes at affordable prices. What he set out to do was sadly, a recipe for disaster. He could have just held on to his lump sum. Start business when yr young and not in your retirement.

Anonymous said...

About Mary. Now why is it that our young and gorgeous Asian chicks are being conned by the sweet talking angmoh. In their culture, "sorry" and "love you" are uttered in excess, which means that they do no mean what they say at all. Not long ago,a 40 something year-old single woman got hooked to an angmoh via internet dating and eventually arranged to meet him in her apt at an upmarket location. Something happened within four walls and when she awoke, was bruised; her jewelry, cash and credit cards went missing. Weeks later, she had a pile of invoices made from her CC purchases. What a shame! Cardinal rule : When meeting a stranger, make it at a public venue....never in the privacy of your own home.

Anonymous said...

Started off too extravagantly. One small food outlet and yet went to rent a office space opposite the food outlet.