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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nanami the brilliant,talented and gorgeous lady

SS TAN!!!!! OMGoodness!!!! SO lovely to hear from YOUUUU :)) WHAT A SURPRISE!!! Of course I remember you  and all your Singapore Airline goodies you used to bring for me whenever you came for dinner back at mum & dad's apartment in Eliz Bay :))
 Thank you for your lovely (and must say unexpected) message. Also please forgive the extended delay in reply! Im a bit of a Facebook slacker believe it or not, as usually my art-assitant uses it. 
Mum is very well thank you! I told her that you messaged me and she was SO surprised and excited! She told me to hurry up and reply to you, Hahaha.  
Yes, sadly dearest daddy passed away in 2006... I still miss him everyday, but Im sure his happy spirit is around watching over mum and I  
He was 88 when he passed, lucky no. 88. Anyway Im running out of space - but thank you so much for getting in touch SS and for your very sweet & kind note re. my Artwork. I remember drawing at the dining table when you came over  My memory is like an Elephant! 
if you have an email address, please let me know as Im sure my mother would love to write to you also. In the meantime I DO hope you keep well and look forward to keeping in touch. 


BT: Nanami is the daughter of my good friend the late Roy Cowdroy. They live in Sydney and I knew her dad and mom for many years (since 1971),long before Nanami was born. Whenever I flew to Sydney I would pay Roy and his wife a visit. His wife would cooked us a wonderful meal. Roy and I had a lot in common, from politics to business. We would yak the whole evening drinking his beer and smoking his cigarettes. He left behind his lovely Japanese wife (Char-san) and Nanami,a beautiful and most talented daughter.

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Edmond said...

What a talent and beauty. She's not just a dumb blonde.