Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Piano music good for your health...Enjoy!

Studies have shown that soft, soothing music especially from the piano help keep cats calm and from fighting. De-stressing beautiful piano music also help get a cat to return to using their litter boxes.

Being calm is one of the secrets to having robust health and living to a ripe old age. We've all heard stories about how illnesses or diseases faded or went into remission when there was peace, calm, and tranquility in the environment and home. Beautiful music sets the mood because it positively effects the brain and the cells of the body. You will also sleep better and be in a good mood the next day after listening to piano music every night.
In addition,piano music helps to maintain or balance your blood pressure. My blood pressure is that of a 17 year old boy (see picture reading is 123/72).

Therefore, I have put together (continuos) the world renown pianist Floyd Cramer's six pieces of his piano classics for your listening pleasure. 

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