Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Select your friends carefully

It was a well spent afternoon I had with an ex IFS. His name is Ken (not real name) and he invited me to his cosy and well kept flat. His wife is still working and he is a house husband.
I was doing some assignment near  Ken's home last afternoon. After completing my assignment, I "whatsapp" Ken and ask him to join me for a cuppa at the neighbourhood coffee shop. Instead, he invited me to his flat. It was my first time at his home.
Ken is one guy whom I like to be with. He is humorous and funny. He is an excellent company. He does most of the talking and he would make me laugh.
Ken is a sincere man whom I have known for many years. It was worthwhile spending the 3 hours with him.

Ian is another good guy to be with. He is sincere and helpful towards his less fortunate friends. I like his company.

There are many people (so called friends) whose company I do not enjoy. Firstly, they are boring and like to brag about themselves. There was one who would like to boast about his sexual prowess and another who is so stingy he would avoid buying you a meal in return for the numerous meals you bought him. There was one who is worth more than $10 millions in asset and cash but would split the bill down to the last five cents.


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