Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tata-SIA to bring global best practices: Tatas

NEW DELHI: Indian airlines can now look forward to global best practices in aviation. In its application filed for seeking clearance to the Tata-Singapore Airlines (SIA) JV airline, the Tatas have told FIPB that SIA's high standards will lead to "international best practices and induction of state-of-the-art technologies in the Indian air transport sector."

"The participation of an internationally reputed full service passenger service airline operator in the JV company would increase the competitiveness... in India and lead to provision of better services at competitive rates," the application says.

The application has cited eight distinct economic benefits to make the case for clearing this JV in which Tatas will have 51% stake and SIA the rest. "The establishment of the JV company will lead to generation of employment opportunities for qualified pilots, technicians, managers and skilled labour in India," it says, while adding that the JV would help create scores of jobs in the country. The other "benefits to the Indian economy" include making the Indian aviation industry more competitive; enhance business opportunities for stakeholders and significant foreign exchange earnings in India.

Source: The Times of India

BT: How will Tata-SIA joint venture benefit SIA cabin crew division? Will our cabin crew personnel like the IAs, IFSs etc be helping in the training of the Indian cabin crew? Will the India based crew adopt  the current cabin crew culture?


Anonymous said...

It would not be a good tie up with Tata. Worst still Tata's man will be the chairman of the joint venture. Indian market is suitable for LCC not FSC.

Anonymous said...

Too early to tell. Remember what happened to the 600 million pounds that SQ invested with Vigin Atlantic and the other millions that have gone to Ansett and ANZ? For the moment, be grateful that it's not Kingfisher.