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Monday, October 7, 2013

A tribute to Harry Tay,my ex-colleague

People usually remember others for the evil they did to them and I am guilty of it too.
In this blog, I want to pay tribute to one whom I remember for the good he did to me. His name was Harry Tay,one of my ex-colleagues.
The year was 1980 and I was roped into the SIA open appraisal task force. Back then, the staff appraisal system was a closed one. We were asked to have a look into the benefits of the open system. The task force was convinced the open system was far better than the closed system. We were then asked to "sell" the idea of the open appraisal system to all supervisors and admin officers in the company.

One of my tasks was to meet the supervisory and admin staff in batches and explain to them the benefits of the open system.
During one of the sessions, one of my colleagues (MM) who was against idea of the open system started to openly attack it. He tried to stir up the emotions of the other 20+ staff from all over SIA to block the introduction of the open system. He was also being personal towards me as he felt that as he was more senior than me, he should be in the task force.

Harry who was also in the audience stood up and defended me and the open system. He pleaded with MM to give me a chance to explain the pros and cons of the open system. He received a loud applause from the audience.

Harry was also an entrepreneur besides being a check steward with SIA. He sought the approval from SIA to run a restaurant and was given the nod.

Unfortunately, a year later Harry died in a car crash. We in cabin crew missed him dearly. That was 32 years ago. May he RIP eternally.

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