Saturday, October 12, 2013

An IFS's (Inflight Supervisor) story

Someone waved from a distance and tried to attract my attention. I wasn't sure whether that person was waving at me. I turned to see whether it was someone behind me whom he was waving to. Somewhat frustrated, he shouted my name. Instantly, I recognised that voice.
It was IFS Po and he has put on a lot of weight and wasn't recognisable. Well, I have not seen him since I left SQ 10 years ago. "Wa lau you can't recognise me any more it because I am fat now?" he asked me jokingly.  I told him it was my eyesight to blame. "Ah! are becoming more diplomatic as you aged la...your eyesight is as good as mine so admit that I am not recognisable because I am fat right?" he replied. "Ok ok you are right la" I laughingly told him. Po confided in me he has gained 10 kilos since I last saw him.

Po and I sat down and ordered our coffee. We talked about old times. He told me he is a regular visitor at my blog. He said he wanted to contribute a real story of a stewardess whom he flew with. I readily welcomed his suggestion and the story went like this:

Po and his crew took over the B747 flight that arrived from Singapore and proceeded from Bahrain to London with 2 transit points in between. By the time the flight terminated at London Heathrow, Po and his crew had already put in 12 hours of duty time.

The crew arrived at the Gloucester Hotel in the early afternoon. They were being rewarded with a 3 day stay in London and thus everyone were happy.

Just before Po could step into the bathroom for his shower, the phone in his hotel room rang. It was Alice on the line. She sounded desperate and crying for help.

Alice was detained at one of the London police stations.She was arrested for shoplifting.She begged Po to bail her out. Po had a quick shower, put on his clothings,caught a cab from Gloucester and headed for West End Central Police Station where Alice was detained.

Po spoke to the Inspector in charge and managed to post a bail and temporarily got Alice out. Po was also told that Alice would have to attend court the next day.
Through his network of friends, Po got a lawyer to handle Alice's case.

The whole episode traumatised Alice and she was crying all night in her room before her court appearance. She told Po she did not intend to leave the departmental store without paying for her goods. It was her first time in London and she was unfamiliar with the payment system. Po believed her story and promised to help her.
The next morning was tensed but Alice put up a bold front in court. Her lawyer argued her case with vigour and in the end elderly judge threw out the case. Alice was a free lady.
Po promised Alice he would not report the matter to the company. He would "hush hush it", he assured Alice.
The airline takes a serious view of this type of case. If Po was to report the matter, Alice would be reprimanded.

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So was Alice grateful to IFS PO?