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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Comment of the week

I wanna be an SQ Gal said...

If I am a crew with SIA and things do not go my way I will NOT bad mouth SIA like most do in this blog. I will just resign and look for alternatives.
Most want to curse SIA and still cling on to their jobs for their dear lives. Worst that dogs!

The above was a comment left by a cc wannabes under the post " Sad to see this stewardess leave".
While I do agree with "I wanna be an SQ Gal" to a certain degree, I think she does not know the crew's hardship like coping with jet lag, demanding passengers, nasty seniors (like those sitting in their cushy chairs in the office) who are looking for every excuse to punish or sack them etc etc.
One of my ex talks participants who was dying to be a steward was disappointed with his new found job. To make matter bad, he told me his girl friend left him because she was too "jealous" knowing he has many stewardess colleagues.
I think the disappointment with their "dream" job has made many cut off their ties with me. At first, they would be begging me to help them secure their so called "dream" job but now.................
Even some budget airlines crew who were dying to get in are disappointed
after a few months of flying.
I am aware what I blog here may have a negative effect on my Talks attendance but I just want to be honest with people. 
During my time as a crew, things were different. Our night stops were longer and we have lots of time to tour the cities we nightstop and enjoy the stay at 5 star hotels. Today, flying could be a chore to many crew. Things could be getting from bad to worst.
I do not blame the airlines for the severe cost cutting because they are facing fierce competition. Many airlines have closed shop and filed for bankruptcy.
Therefore, I would only agree with "I wanna be an SQ Gal" to a certain extent and that's badmouthing your employer is not a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

"...Most want to curse SIA and still cling on to their jobs for their dear lives. Worst that dogs!

90% do leave quietly dear gal..
the 10% bad mouth loudly.. but you learn much, much more from these loud mouths!

You learn nothing from the 90% who keep quiet. Its the same with customer complaints. 90% will just bear and live with the poor service or annoying stuff.

Its complaints from the 10% that is worth looking into.. these may contain important points that the stupid, horse with blinker managers, and CCEs.

Exit interviews??.. ha! ha!.. censored by the one interviewing you.. top managers never ever gets to know the truth.