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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free lunch? Tan koo la!

Many cabin crew wannabes asked me for free coaching and some asked me for huge discounts. One suggested he will pay me only after he has gotten the job. He has the cheek to ask me to privately coach him for a 3 hour session which I would usually charge for $400....*sigh*...when these young people learn that this is a world where this is no such thing as freebies. If there are then you better ask yourself what is the catch.
Uncle here is retired and at an old age need to work to survive too. You, young people has a lot of energy and stamina and can make good living. So please la don't ask for discount or free coaching.

There was one who told me there is no guarantee that after attending my talks she will be employed as a cabin crew. My reply was simple and straightforward: if I can guarantee you the job, I will not charge $100 but perhaps 10k or more.
When you are seriously ill and you consult a medical specialist, can he guarantee that you will be cured and continue to go on living? You could have paid tens of thousands in medical fees and yet at the end of it all, you may still die.
Have a little pride in yourself. Never ask for freebies nor discount. There is a famous saying " no money no talk" and that's the reality of this world.


Anonymous said...

BT I do agree with you that there is no such a thing as a free lunch. There are many youngies who could afford hundred of dollars on their smart phones,tablets etc but refused to invest even a small sum for their dream job. Really silly of them.

Anonymous said...

That's today youth mentality.
Not all but the majority.
Their desire to show off the latest gadget far exceed their desire to get into cabin crew.


Anonymous said...

Thick skinned! Parents are to blamed! Sounds like begging to me.