Friday, October 11, 2013

Observation from a PPS friend

"BT, you will get more business! The turnover of cabin crews is high. Last week from Auckland to Sin, business class had only one senior crew who is a returning single mum. The rest are newbies approx 1 year. IFS was stressed and struggling".

The above comment came from a blogger friend of mine who incidentally is also a SQ life long PPS. His blog is here  .

From his first sentence he meant I will be having more cc wannabes at my talks/seminars. I do agree with him. However, I am giving the talks because of my passion for imparting knowledge to the cc wannabes. Each time when they are successful in getting into the airlines of their choice, I will celebrate with them.
One example of a happy wannabe who bought my E-Guide has this to say about her recent interview success (failed 3 times prior to buying my guide):

Hi Mr luke! 

i successfully made it thru all the stages. Going be a cabin crew in in December! Thank you for your kind help and guide!


I do not earn much from giving the talks. My main source of income is from my pet business.

Say what you like, I am enjoying every bit of what I am doing right now not like those who are grudgingly forced go to office every morning and screw up people's lives to impress their bosses.

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